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This Agreement, dated as of the latest of the dates set forth on the signature page below (this “Agreement”), is between Infinite Peripherals, Inc., an Illinois corporation (“IPC”), having an office address as set forth on the signature page of this Agreement and the party whose name and office address are set forth on the signature page of this Agreement (the “Company").


WHEREAS, IPC is considering a possible business relationship with Company pursuant to which Company is considering the purchase of certain products sold by IPC and the parties hereto desire to proceed with discussions and investigations relative thereto (the “Discussions”); Read More

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Infinite Peripherals now uses Zendesk to handle support tickets, forums, and other developer support related functionality. If you want, we can automatically create an account for you there. If you already have a Zendesk account, or want to create one yourself later, you can skip this and connect your existing account later from your Account Profile page.